Ralph Abbott Long III,     is a father, husband, entrepreneur and lifelong Atlanta resident committed to making his community, city, and state better places for all Georgians to live. Ralph was raised in the Niskey Lake community of Southwest Atlanta, where he was educated in the Atlanta Public Schools and graduated from Campbell High School in Smyrna. He received his degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Ralph is a licensed Real Estate Broker and the owner of The District Realty and Biscuits ‘n Gravy Productions, a multimedia productions firm.
Ralph Long, III has been an active member of the Sylvan Hills community of Southwest Atlanta for nearly twenty years. In 2001, Ralph bought his first home, a fixer-upper on Sylvan Road. This house was a perfect project for a young man eager to make a positive impact on his community by renovating a home and helping to contribute to the goodness of the neighborhood. Ralph and his family presently live in a 1932 bungalow that he has spent several years restoring to its former beauty. From 2009 thru 2013, Ralph was honored to serve his community in the Georgia General Assembly. As the State Representative for parts of Atlanta, East Point and College Park, Ralph was an accessible, outspoken and passionate leader committed to working with anyone willing to improve our community. During his service in the Legislature, Ralph proudly:

  • Led efforts for the reform of the Atlanta Public Schools System, including the removal
    of the former Superintendentand those School leaders who cheated our children.
  • Sponsored legislation to protect East Point residents from pentachlorophenol, a
    harmful environmental contaminant; and,
  • Secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure funding for Atlanta
    Metropolitan College.
Ralph Long, III is married to Erica Morris Long, an Atlanta native and graduate of Douglass High School, Florida A&M University and Harvard Law School. Ralph and Erica are the proud parents of Ralph Abbott Long, IV, who enjoys studying art, Spanish and superheroes, especially Spiderman. Ralph and his wife are diligent volunteers at their son’s school.